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Akko Conservatory - Music Instruction in a Multicultural City
The Akko Conservatory is a center for music education serving the children of Akko and
its surroundings, Jews and Arabs alike.

The Conservatory is a magnet for musicians, their music and creative spirit, all aspects of their music thus being capable of promoting
social and multicultural change.

The Akko Conservatory is an educational institution operating under the supervision of the Israeli Ministry of Education.

Established in 1958, the conservatory serves thousands of children from preschool to high school.
Akko is a multicultural city with about 50,000 residents, a third of which are Arabs (Christian and Muslims). 

Although Akko is ranked four out of ten on the socioeconomic scale, the leadership of the town supports the conservatory through a funding allocation of 2M NIS (50% of the yearly budget), far more than any other municipality in the same socioeconomic bracket.

The educators at the music center are teachers of stature: inspiring, professional and high standard.

Leading artists see the Conservatory as a prime location for educatinal and artistic activities.

The students faithfully represent Akko and the State of Israel on significant stages in Israel and abroad.

The Conservatory as a Bridge between Jews and Arabs
The Conservatory is a key player in forming a shared community of students whose common language is music.

Arab and Jewish students play and perform together in classroom concerts, music ensembles, orchestras and choirs.

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