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Main Activities

The music school project- is held in all elementary schools, Jewish and Arab, in the city.

The morning  hours are dedicated to music and singing classes, from kindergarten to high school.

All of the the schools support their own musical ensembles, choir or orchestras.

Individual music lessons- as the afternoon hours are dedicated to rehearsals and practice sessions for the various representative ensembles, orchestras, choirs, and chamber ensembles.


The "Musicians of tomorrow" project- encourages excellence in string instruments.

Concert series for kindergarten and elementary school students - maintains the goal of enabling each child to experience a professional concert every year in the conservatory auditorium.


The music series- features chamber ensembles, orchestras and professional choirs from Israel and around the world.

The series is open to the public.

Multi-Cultural music program- are conducted on three high school campuses.

Community Concerts- Conservatory students perform at official municipal events as well as events sponsored by the ministry education in Akko, throughout Israel and around the world.


The Conservatory has a professional auditorium and 10 classrooms are used by our students and guest artists. 

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